Kicking off the Work Smarter Series – #1 The Building Blocks of Work Fitness

The Work Smarter Series by Workfit explores the productivity habits of the world’s most successful executives.

When you meet a productive leader you always know it, even if you don’t recognize what makes them productive. It turns out that successful people share a few basic productivity building blocks. I have had the privilege of spending time with leaders such as Larry Ellison, Satya Nadella, Marc Benioff, and Sir Martin Sorrell.  As I interacted with them, a common set of productive behaviors started emerging. It became clear that prioritization, responsiveness, presence, bias-for-action, and perpetual beta were key traits. As I became more interested in the kinds of behaviors that make successful people effective, I began to interview additional exemplary CEOs. The purpose of the Work Smarter Series will be to share these interviews and create a conversation around them.

To kick off the series, I will introduce the basic building blocks of productivity.

  •  Prioritization

  • Responsiveness

  • Presence

  • Bias-for-action

  • Perpetual Beta

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